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Our Programs:

A Better Way to Grow

Our country campus is everything a child could dream of: ballfields, parks, nature, playgrounds and a pavilion. In a time where screens can screen out the world, this immersive experience is a refreshing and inspiring outdoor classroom that provides lasting benefits.

Get Creative in the Country

It can be hard to find the right childcare for your child. Which has the best quality of education, the lowest cost, the easiest location, and the most welcoming atmosphere?  


We like to think we do. At Walnut Woods Childcare, our unique approach sets us apart from the start. 


You’ll get a high-quality BASE program rooted in a natural setting that’s custom-made to foster growth and learning. Our 170+ year history of caring for children through the church gives us the skills and resources to offer exceptional childcare for an affordable cost.

Cute Baby Crawling


6 weeks - 12 Months

Group Size: TBD
Staffing: 1:6 Staff to Children

With individualized loving care and guidance, your infant will enjoy age appropriate activities like exploring textures, listening to music (and moving to it!) and participating in storytime to help develop gross motor skills and early communications strategies. We encourage free play outside to get fresh air when the weather is right. We keep just eight infants in this room, so if you are interested, please consider enrolling before your due date.

Babies in Playroom


12 Months to 24 Months
Group Size: TBD

Staffing: 1:6 Staff to Children

Your child is starting to be on the move, and you’re probably hearing some chatter. This can be a challenging time, and our teachers embrace and enjoy it! With our safe, nurturing environment, your toddler will have fun with ABCs, colors, shapes, artwork, free play, singing, outdoor time and more. We continue to work on gross motor skills, communication strategies and even playing a bit with peers. We actively chart each child’s development and provide you with weekly communications so you can watch their growth too.

Diverse Kindergarten


24 Months to 36 Months

Group Size: TBD
Staffing: 1:6 Staff to Children

Now you’re talking! And they are too. In fact your child may be talking more than he is quiet! And he’s moving and grooving too. In the two’s class, your child will have center play and work on building social and language skills. He or she will also build physical objects with blocks and play with a sensory table. This age loves to express themselves through artwork and dress up and enjoys the freedom of the outdoors, so we do plenty of both. We also work actively towards potty-training each child in an effort to prepare your child for the preschool program. 

Kids in Preschool


3-5 Year Olds

Group Size: TBD
Staffing: 1:6 Staff to Children

Although your child is still very young, we start preparing him or her for school, using a more structured approach to introduce several learning concepts such as letter, number, shape and color recognition as well as other literacy, math and critical thinking skills. We work on fine motor skills, such as handwriting, building, counting and art. We continue to encourage outdoor exploration time. And we provide you with quarterly reviews of your child’s academic progress so you can see their progress.

A Girl in a Classroom

School Age

Kindergarten - 11 year olds

Group Size: TBD
Staffing: 1:6 Staff to Children

Children Playing Tug of War

Summer Camp

First – Fourth Grades

Group Size: TBD
Staffing: 1:6 Staff to Children

We’re the best care before or after school for your full day Kindergartener through 4th grade student. Your child will enjoy a variety of fun and enriching activities, including games, physical fitness opportunities, stories, arts and crafts and free play time outside, as well as the opportunity to be with friends in a safe environment.

There’s nothing quite like the fun of summer camp. With our program, your child has even more opportunities to be a kid in the fresh air and sunshine. First through fourth graders explore a variety of fun activities, from science experiments to outdoor games and water play, to creating works of art, to reading, performing and more.

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