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Before and After
School Enrichment

Our Program:

A Better Way to Grow

Our country campus is everything a child could dream of: a ballfield, nature, a playground, a full-sized indoor basketball court and a pavilion. In a time where screens can screen out the world, this immersive experience is a refreshing and inspiring experience with lasting benefits.

Get Creative in the Country

It can be hard to find the right care for your child. Which has the best quality of education, the lowest cost, the easiest location, and the most welcoming atmosphere?  


We like to think we do. At Walnut Woods, our unique approach sets us apart from the start. 


You’ll get a high-quality education rooted in a natural setting that’s custom-made to foster growth and learning. Our 170+ year history of caring for children through the church gives us the skills and resources to offer exceptional childcare for an affordable cost.


Our curricula cover social and cognitive development, social-emotional learning, and fine and gross motor skills. We balance indoor and outdoor time and quiet and not-so-quiet time. We recognize that each child moves at their own pace and has specific needs, and we’ll work with you to provide the right care for yours.

School Age Program

A Girl in a Classroom

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Hours of Operation:

Opens 7:00 am Closes at 5:30 pm*


Part-Time: $10 per hour

Full-Time M-F: $130 Weekly Rate

*Tardiness at pick up will incur a late fee of $1 per minute late

We’re the best care before or after school for your full day Kindergartener through 5th grade student. Your child will enjoy a variety of fun and enriching activities, including games, physical fitness opportunities, stories, arts and crafts and free play time outside, as well as the opportunity to be with friends in a safe environment.

Cancellation Day

In the event that school is cancelled, we do offer a drop in rate of $60. You must already be a registered child with our Before and After Care Program.

How this works? The morning of a cancelation can be a chaotic one for most parents, wondering what to do with their children or deciding whether or not to take a sick day from work to stay home with their child. We are here to help alleviate this stress. If your child is already enrolled in our BASE program, you will just need to send a message to staff via Brightwheel by 6:30 am to ask about about availability for our drop in rate. This is subject to staff to child ratio and children can be turned down if the volume is too high. We will do our best to accommodate all children!

Ready for School
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